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tuğçe özocak

Introducing the new edition of our art collaboration with tuğçe özocak. our recent collaboration features designer and illustrator tuğçe özocak’s special series for tête bleue. tuğçe illustrated the pieces from our latest collection 'vive l'hiver!',  and explains her creative process for the project as: 

“illustrating helped me to get through a rough time when covid started. i started an online project that called “Aynen=Exactly” and asked people how they were coping with lock downs, and how i could make an illustration from their answers. it was a healing process just like fashion. fashion was my way of healing & dealing with my teenage anger back in the day! with this illustration series for tête bleue, i wanted to share my way of “healing” with illustrations, fashions and fun colorful, beautiful tête hats. feel the heal?”